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I wrote 14,571 words today. I’m just about one thousand words short of my 50,000 word count goal for the month of July in Camp NaNo, but but my fingers hurt, my brain is mush, and I need to sleep. … Continue reading

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Oh no!!! It’s the dreaded mid-Camp NaNo slump!

Chugging along. 5,000 words in – I’ve introduced my characters, the problem, and given a glimpse into what will happen. The novel has begun and I am excited and optimistic as a writer. All is well. 10,000 words in – … Continue reading

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Argh! Blasted Widget!

Tonight, I pounded out over 5,000 words in my Camp NaNo piece. Admittedly, this course was taken because my friend logged in a higher total word count than me today and I am so ridiculously competitive that I had to … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Camp NaNo piece

I’m 11,213 words in on Day 6 and I’m typing away. Who knows if any of it will be good when I’m done – or even readable for that matter, but so far, it’s been a blast to write. My … Continue reading

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