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If Only They Were All One Day Work Weeks…

My house has never been so clean. Seriously. The laundry’s done, the closets are organized, and the baseboards are shining. I’ve baked two loaves of banana bread, a loaf of oatmeal raisin bread, and I even made pizza dough from … Continue reading

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What has two thumbs and loves the CNG? This girl!

Writing can be a lonely experience. I have spent countless hours in front of my computer screen, banging at the keyboard into the early morning hours. Alone. But, last November, in the midst of the craziness of NaNoWriMo, some fantastic … Continue reading

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The Tortoise or the Hare – Which Way is Better?

1,667. Every NaNoWriMo participant knows this magic number. One thousand six hundred sixty-seven words per day for thirty days will get each writer to their 50,000 word goal by the end of November. That number taunts me. I set a … Continue reading

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