I am the Queen of Pinterest Fails.

There has never been anything in my life that has made me feel like an underachiever quite as much as Pinterest. Oh sure, I jumped on the bandwagon and have posted to boards including Crochet, Gift ideas, and Home Décor. I’m guilty. But, as I pinned the latest pin to my son’s Minecraft birthday board, I knew there was no way, by any stretch of the imagination, I was going to get it all done before his friends hit the door tomorrow afternoon.

I chalk up another fail.

And, that makes me wonder how many of us set ourselves up for failure by looking through the unrealistic lens of social media. It seems that the exceptional has become the expectation for many of us. I look through boards and think, “well, that looks easy enough. I can do that.” But, the reality is, I can’t. If I want to continue to be a mother, a wife, a teacher, a writer, a housekeeper, a scheduler, an accountant, and a cheerleader for my family, I don’t have the time to make that window seat around my dining room window or that super fantastic multi-colored shawl.

So, tomorrow afternoon, the eight-year-olds will have to do without the mining boxes and the pixilated windows. They will have to do without the creeper faces drawn painstakingly on each and every plastic plate. They will have to do without the personalized video of screenshots and music.

But, I’m pretty sure they won’t care. As long as there’s pizza, cake, and enough sugar to fuel San Diego, they’ll be fine. They might even have a good time.

And, I will sit back and smile and feel like I have achieved something…as I delete the Minecraft birthday party board.


About Adria Waters

I am a mom, wife, teacher, and a writer. Somehow I'm trying to find time for all of those things!
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2 Responses to I am the Queen of Pinterest Fails.

  1. Hadena James says:

    I once saw a picture of a watermelon that had been etched (a floral motif) with a drummel and partially carved (as well as hollowed and all the watermelon cut into bite sized chunks). It said it took the Pinterest Poster 30 minutes to accomplish this feat. I would have been lucky to get it done in 30 years. And I had to wonder…,did that include hollowing the watermelon, chunking it, drummel etching,and carving the other design (as well as reassembly of said watermelon)?

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