Oh no!!! It’s the dreaded mid-Camp NaNo slump!

Chugging along.

5,000 words in –
I’ve introduced my characters, the problem, and given a glimpse into what will happen. The novel has begun and I am excited and optimistic as a writer. All is well.

10,000 words in –
The characters are busy interacting and suspense is building. I really like my characters. They are interesting and have such individualistic world views and I can’t wait to find out more about them as I write. All is well.

15,000 words in –
The problem may just be too big for these characters, but, they are taking on lives of their own at this time and the story is practically writing itself. All is still well.

20.000 words in –
The plot line is subdividing. The characters are taking me on a journey through their lives and it’s getting good! Well, except for that one pesky plot hole that’s big enough to consume New Hampshire. All is well. Really it is.

23,854 words in –
Okay. The characters are stuck in a rut. The plot has flat lined. The subplots just seem juvenile and silly at this point. And, I don’t even like my main character all that much right now. Frankly, she’s getting on my nerves a little. I’m stuck. I can’t write. Why did I think I could sit down and put words on paper that people would actually be interested in reading? I should just hang it up now and quit while I’m ahead before I’ve inflicted this horrific story on the general public. All is not well. And I need chocolate.

25,006 words in –
The main character did something a few pages ago completely out of character for her and it has jump started both my imagination and has given a shot of adrenaline to the entire plot. Characters are once again on top of their game. They can figure out this problem. I can keep writing. I mean, after all, the slump’s over and everything from here on out is downhill. Right?

All is well.


About Adria Waters

I am a mom, wife, teacher, and a writer. Somehow I'm trying to find time for all of those things!
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