Family Time vs. Writing Time

The last two days I’ve spent home with my parents, helping to watch my adorable one-year-old niece. We’ve spent gobs of time playing on the floor, visiting family, and snuggling.

After a full day yesterday, I sat down around 9 p.m. to try to write and got about 350 words in before my dad and mom sat down to play a board game. I put away my writing.

But, as I sat there, laughing and sharing that time with my parents – my son sleeping in the living room and my niece sleeping in her Pack n Play – I realized that writing is writing. And, if I’m too focused on writing, I may just miss out on the experience!

It’s hard to juggle it all! How do other writers do it? How do you find the time to write, but not miss out on experiences?


About Adria Waters

I am a mom, wife, teacher, and a writer. Somehow I'm trying to find time for all of those things!
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2 Responses to Family Time vs. Writing Time

  1. Hadena James says:

    I set writing time during the day (hard for those with real jobs, I know) as well as during times when I know my SO is busy doing other things. For example, we do not watch the same TV shows, so I often hand him the remote to the TV and tell him to have at it, because I’m going to work. And we schedule “together time”.

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