An editing/critique schedule…

I found a way tonight to make the editing process a bit easier to swallow – edit/critique with a friend!

A friend and I meet regularly on Friday nights to write and talk about writing. Tonight, we decided that when we meet tomorrow, we will have seven chapters of our latest NaNo endeavors edited and pass them off to one another. Then, we will have a critique ready for next week, along with the next seven chapters to pass off. In this manner, we should have the books through a complete initial edit by mid-February…which, sort of ruins my plan to drag my feet and edit long into 2015…

I’m really excited about this schedule. I think it’s going to keep me accountable for actually doing the hard work of editing and it’s at such a pace that I won’t be able to agonize over the process. I tend to work a sentence over and over again until it is absolutely and totally, completely and unarguably the best sentence it can be. While that has its merit, it also slows down the editing process to something akin to a sick snail’s pace.

So, tonight I’m knee-deep in editing…and not pulling my hair out. Refreshing.


About Adria Waters

I am a mom, wife, teacher, and a writer. Somehow I'm trying to find time for all of those things!
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2 Responses to An editing/critique schedule…

  1. Be kind to your hair. That’s what I always say. You’ve got a great editing plan. I’ll be watching your progress with hopeful curiosity.

    • Adria Waters says:

      Thank you! I will try to remember to be kind to my hair! 🙂
      The schedule is going great – but we are only a week in. I am great at writing an initial draft, but then I think I’m done. I hate editing, so, much like exercise and angry badgers, I avoid it like the plague. This schedule is forcing me to keep at it – chapter, after chapter, after chapter.
      I’ll keep you posted on our progress – but, if I’m bald at the next meeting – you’ll know why! 🙂

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